Information about the Active Kids Rebate

Please note, between 1st January and 30th June, current members are able to claim 2019 Active Kids voucher with Scouts NSW. The voucher is applied to the State fee portion and allocated as follows: $42 first term, $42 second term and $16 for the third term.

New members can claim 100% of their  2019 Active Kids voucher with Scouts NSW until 31 December (State fee & joining fee covered)

How do I claim my Active Kids rebate?

Once you have received you voucher from Services NSW:
  1. Current members get your Scouting Membership Number from your Wild Apricot profile

  2. Go to the State Website 

  3. Select the appropriate option, choose from
    • I know my Scouts NSW Member details
    • I am unsure of my Scouts NSW Member details
    • I want to use my voucher to join Scouts NSW (new members)
  4. Once the registration is complete the Group Treasurer will receive notification Scouts NSW.
    Notifications are sent every 10 days

  5. Only once the Treasurer has this information will the rebate be applied to your child's bills.
    Once applied the balance of your bill is payable.