Information about the Active Kids Rebate

Scout members can claim two $100 Active Kids vouchers per child each year. 

Families can apply for and redeem both of their Active Kids vouchers with Scouts! Voucher 1 can be redeemed with Scouts from January to December, and Voucher 2 can be redeemed from July to December.

Both Active Kids vouchers redeemed with Scouts NSW are valid for state membership costs. Scouts NSW will apply your Active Kids vouchers to the Scouts NSW state fees:

  • Voucher 1 is applied to the state fees in Quarters 1 & 2
  • Voucher 2 is applied to the state fees in Quarters 3 & 4

How do I claim my Active Kids rebate?

  1. Apply for your Active Kids voucher at Service NSW & download a copy of your voucher

  2. Lookup  your Scouting Membership Number on your Wild Apricot profile. If you are an existing member you need your scout membership number to redeem your voucher with Scouts. If you are joining then follow the process to redeem a voucher when joining scouts

  3. Redeem your voucher with Scouts NSW at

  4. Once redeemed Scouts NSW will apply your voucher to the state fee for the next quarter's invoice. The Active Kids voucher cannot be applied at a Group level for Group fees.