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  • ScoutHike 2020 [Cancelled]

ScoutHike 2020 [Cancelled]

  • 1 May 2020
  • 18:00
  • 3 May 2020
  • 15:00
  • Pine Forest in Southern Highliands


Scout Hike 2020

 28 exciting Scouting Activities “Six Continents, People, Places and Movies”.

 Registered Patrol based hiking activity

 Held in a Pine Forest in the Southern Highlands

 The Patrol with the highest points wins!

 Starts Friday evening, 1st May, 2020

 Finishes Sunday afternoon after the Awards Ceremony starting at 2pm


Speak to your Scout Leader before registering on scouthike.com because we need to discuss and agree on PLs and Patrols. Patrols Leaders must register their patrol on scouthike.com.  Please register your interest with 1st Kellyville and make payment to us here.

  • Patrols leaders will register the scouts in their patrol at www.scouthike.com between early February and 5th of April 2020
  • Patrol size: between 4 and 8, ideal size is between 5 and 6
  • All patrol members must be registered members in the Scout Section
  • One ‘home troop’ Patrol Leader per Patrol, maximum, to be ‘competitive’
  • Changes to Patrols close on 12th of April
  • Patrol payment must be received by 19th of April
  • Cost per Scout is $65.00 if registered on or before 1st March 2020 
  • $75.00 if registered after 1st March 2020
  • Register and pay online here so we can collect the Patrol Payment

The theme of this year’s ScoutHike is "Six Continents, People, Places and Movies" There are 28 Activities to visit. All activities are based on various historical periods of time.  22 Activities are based on the Scout Award Scheme 6 Activities are non-Scouting. Arrive at an activity and earn points for just being there. Stay and do the activity and earn more points.

This is a light weight hiking activity. The PL is in charge of the Patrol. The Leaders are there to run the Activities and Sleep Points. If the Leaders help you...your Patrol may be disqualified. Everything you need, you must carry with you inside your backpack. No gear can be transported for you by any adult. You will need to print and bring with you the Patrol’s Activity Notification forms.

Cooking fires are provided for breakfast and dinner at each Sleep Point.  Do not bring your own stoves.  Activity points have hot water available, if required, for lunch. No matches, lighters or anything capable of creating a fire is allowed at ScoutHike.

More details can be found here ScoutHike.pdf and at www.scouthike.com