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1st Kellyville Bunnings BBQ

  • 30 May 2020
  • 06:00 - 17:00
  • Bunnings Castle Hill, 14 Victoria Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2155
  • 3


  • Set Up Crew = 2
  • BBQ Area = 3
    Cake Stall = 1
  • BBQ Area = 4
    Cake Stall = 1
  • BBQ Area = 4
    Cake Stall = 1
  • BBQ Area = 3
    Cake Stall = 1
  • Pack Up Crew = 2

1st Kellyville Scouts : We Need Your Help!

Bunnings BBQ and Bake Sale Group Fundraiser

Saturday 30 May 2020  |  6am – 5pm
Castle Hill Bunnings, 14 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill

Bunnings BBQ and Bake Sale fundraisers are great events to meet others and assist the group, but we have struggled to have enough people to man the tongs, load the bread and put the onions on the bottom.  So we have decided that, following working off the fundraising levy, we are giving families a chance to work extra shifts at the Bunnings BBQ to earn in-house credits on their account

You can redeem the in-house credit towards 1st Kellyville camps/activities/fees in Wild Apricot.  The in-house credit, if never used, cannot be refunded as cash.

For any family who has an Adult/Venturer participate in more than 1 shift at a single Bunnings BBQ event, the family will receive an in-house credit of $25 on their account for every additional shift. 


No person can register for more than 2 shifts at one event to ensure there is an opportunity for all to participate and earn in-house credits.

Adults and Venturers can only register. 

Please don’t register Joeys/Cubs/Scouts but do bring them along in uniform to do their bit for the Group. They can't use the BBQ or handle food, but they can take money and hand out drinks.

For each youth member under 16, a parent/guardian must also attend.



Each ADULT/VENTURER who attends must be registered. 

If you do not register you will not receive a credit toward your fundraising levy or earn an in-house credit for any extra shifts.