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Cub Cycling L2

  • 15 Nov 2020
  • 15:00 - 16:00
  • Scout Hall to Centenary Park, Kellyville

You survived the drills.... Now time to get out and about.
This is a on track ride approx 5.5km (following Smalls Creek Cycleway from Scout Hall (Acres Road) to Hills Centenary Park.
* Please have a chat to your cub about how today went. Were they confident? If they were not feeling confident with the drills today, please consider if they are ready to come on ride 2.
* Today we had a number of bikes that encountered problems. Whilst we understand that this can happen whilst riding, please ensure that all bikes have had a full safety check prior to arriving for ride 2 (cubs should know how to do this from today's session... if they were listening). Bike checks will be done before commencing the ride and if a leader doesn't think the bike is in good working order, cubs will not be able to complete the ride. Things to check: Bike size, seat height, chain, brakes and gears in working order).
Cubs must bring: Completed E1, Uniform, Enclosed shoes, Bike & Helmet, Drink bottle & piece of fruit. Fluro vest or shirt recommended.
****If weather is wet, please refer to Facebook for updates.